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Hi there 👋 I'm a

Full Stack Web Developer

I build things I find interesting.

You can find me on

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About Me

It all started with Unity (opens in a new tab) , a game engine I built games with following tutorials (Thanks to Brackeys (opens in a new tab) ) And over the years, I kept learning (even diving into low-level programming, 6502 - Wikipedia (opens in a new tab) ) until I stumbled on Web Development, from which I discovered my love for building things! Outside of coding, I play chess and table tennis (ping-pong). Backspin serve! (opens in a new tab) Wondering about the Swan emoji ? It is a reference to Leda and the Swan (opens in a new tab)

What I'm working on

The following are what I enjoyed and learned from the most. They're projects I'm passionate about!


A place to share moments and chat with friends.

More details about Odinbook


Never forget a measurement ever again.

More details about Measura


If you have any feedback about the site or want to connect, email me at contact@leda.dev, or if you prefer you can use the form below: